Water & Sewerage


 ·      Drinking water is presently supplied to approximately 1,279 residents from a surface water source (Eel River). That includes 1,168 in Eel River Crossing, 8 (5 homes) in Balmoral, 38 (15 homes) in Dundee, and 65 (26 homes) in Darlington.
·       The intake (1.5m below the river bed) is located off Route 280 in Dundee, outside the Village limits.
·        An infiltration gallery system which includes a river intake, collection chamber, supply pumps (3 x 20HP turbine pumps) and a pump house was constructed in 1975.  

Operations & Maintenance                                                                              

·         The Water & Sewer Superintendent`s  main responsibilities focus of water and wastewater, with other maintenance duties as required.  He has also obtained water distribution class I certification.
·                 The Operator reports directly to the Village Administrator, who subsequently reports to Village Council and the Mayor.
·         There is also a Water & Sewer Committee with 2 Councillors, Rhéal Pelletier, President, François Levesque Member and the Mayor Denis Savoie.
·                System maintenance (line repairs, valve replacement, hydrant maintenance, chlorine system maintenance, lift stations, etc.) is typically completed by the Operator.
 For emergencies contact : (506)826-6080 or

Sewerage Distribution

    The village is currently connected to a regional sewage treatment plant in Dalhousie.  The regional facility is an aerated lagoon that discharges into the Bay of Chaleur. 

BY-LAW 10 & 11 

    See by-law`s 10 & 11 for additional information regarding the water & sewerage system and user charges.

                    ``Remember that all dwellings must have a back-up valve``