Planning and Development

   Any party contemplating the development of a parcel of land, constructing a  building or completing renovations must complete an "Application For A Building Permit" at the municipal office or at the  Restigouche Planning Commission.  

 All new buildings require plans.    

 For regulations consult the following by-laws:

 No. 2 - Municipal Plan and/or
 No. 3 -  Zoning information
 No.12-  Building

 The RestigouchePlanning Commission, facilitates and processes developmentapplications for Municipal Plan Amendments, Re-Zoning, Zone Amendments, Subdivisions and Variances.


Restigouche Planning Commission             Village of Eel River Crossing
P.O. Box 794                                                 20 Savoie
Campbellton, N.B.                                         Eel River Crossing
E3N 3H2                                                        E8E 1T8
506-789-2595                                                506-826-6080
506-789-2594 Fax

 Additional Info:

example - building permit

No permit may be issued hereunder until the fee set out in the schedule below has been paid to the municipality:

      Construction Value,    
     a) up to $5,000                       -$15.00
     b) $5,001 to $10,000              -$20.00
     c) $10,001.00 to $25,000       -$35.00
     d) $25,001.00 to $50,000       -$75.00
     e) $50,001.00 to $100,000   - $100.00
     f) $100,001.00 and more      - $200.00