Financial Report - Festival de la Rivière

In 2015, the Festival de la Rivière made a surplus of $ 14,066.53 with expenditure falling to $ 52,309.56 for an income of $ 66,376.09.
They were even able to contribute $1,452.46 to perform field work at the skating rink.

It is thanks to you that they have had a good success! Thank you for your great participation!

Skating Rink Schedule

The skating rink will open on January 6th.

Click here for the schedule.

For more information, contact Laurent at 826-3438 or the municipality at 826-6080.

Regular Meeting - February 15, 2016

The next regular meeting will take place February 15th at 7 p.m. at the Municipal Hall, 20 Savoie Street. All welcomed!