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Restigouche Industrial Park…  where businesses grow
The Restigouche industrial park located in Eel River Crossing is situated in northern New-Brunswick near the Bay of Chaleur. The success of the industrial park established in 1973 can be attributed to the collaboration between Enterprise Restigouche and the Village of Eel River Crossing. The Park comprises of 400 acres of land of which about 50 acres are occupied, therefore leaving another 350 for further development. The proximity to highway 11, port, rail and airport facilities are essential assets to the development of companies who choose to establish themselves here. Today the Restigouche Industrial park is home to numerous companies including Leon Chouinard et fils, Dynamic Transport, Champinord, Superseal Windows, Maga Rebuilding and PLC info.
The Restigouche industrial park is now owned by the Village of Eel River Crossing. For more information on purchasing land, please contact Kim Bujold, Executive Director at the municipal office:
Village of Eel River Crossing
20 Savoie Street
Eel River Crossing, New Brunswick, Canada E8E 1T8
Telephone: (506) 826-6080
Facsimile: (506) 826-6088
·         Free water and sewage
·         Many lots available for future development
·         Rebates on purchase of construction materials
·         Many services and financial assistance programs for the start-up or expansion of businesses
For more information on incentives, please contact the Village of Eel River Crossing.

The Park is zoned for the following uses
·         Light manufacturing industry
·         Any use concerned with manufacturing, storage, processing, transportation or related activities
·         Service industry
·         Technical public service, such as a governmental building, incinerator or municipal garage
·         Warehouse or wholesaling
·         office
The park lies on the rich estuary between the Bay of Chaleur to the north and the Appalachian uplands, which begin rising two kilometers south of the site. As mentioned, the overburden is typical of an estuary, although it tends to be a gravel/silt mix at the site. The northern one-third of the site adjacent Highway 11 is generally level. Roughly forming an east-west line where Industrial Street meets the southern on/off ramp, the land generally slopes downward on a three-five percent grade. Surface water run-off is southerly to a brook near the southern boundary of the site, where it flows west into Eel River before emptying into the Bay of Chaleur. Soil, groundwater and surface water conditions do not represent an impediment to development at the site. To the north, much of the tree cover has been removed, with some poplar and pine stands remaining. To the south the site is mostly populated by poplars, although again interspersed with some pine.

Site Description

The village of Eel River Crossing is responsible for the maintenance and snow removal of the streets in the industrial park; in addition the municipality is also responsible of the maintenance of the municipal water and sewer system.
A.      WATER
The Restigouche Industrial Park has central water servicing provided by the village of Eel River Crossing. The source of water for the Village of Eel River Crossing is surface water shed. The surface water shed capacity is many times over what would be required for the village and its consumers. Both Route 280 (Cove Road) and Admiral Street are serviced with 300 mm diameter water mains. Future extensions to the system will be no less than 250 mm in diameter. The village currently utilizes a per unit charge for water servicing. Commercial and industrial customers should contact the municipality for meter and volume charges.
B.       SEWER
A 200 mm gravity flow sanitary sewer main runs under Route 280 (Cove Road), and has been extended to Admiral Street. Plans for future expansion of services have been developed. The village is currently connected to a regional sewage treatment plant in Dalhousie six kilometers north of the industrial park. The regional facility is an aerated lagoon that discharges into the Bay of Chaleur. Contact the municipality of Eel River Crossing for current rates.
The park utilizes an open-ditch drainage storm water management system. All ditches in the park have been landscaped and stabilized with sod.   The Village of Eel River Crossing mows and maintains ditches in the park.
C.       STREETS
There are two street systems in the Restigouche Industrial Park. The park was originally developed around Route 280 (Cove Road), a provincially owned and maintained local highway. Route 280 is paved with asphalt. Industrial, International and Admiral Streets have been developed specifically for industrial park purposes. They are paved, feature full rights of-way, well developed road beds, proper turning radiuses for large trucks, proper shoulders and large, landscaped ditches. All developed sections of the park are serviced with street lights and fire hydrants.
D.      RAIL
Individual tenants should contact Canadian National Rail (CN Rail) for the feasibility of constructing a rail siding to their site.
E.        POWER
Two major power plants in the region produce 750 megawatts of power, guaranteeing abundant, reliable energy to the industrial park. Power in the park is distributed via overhead power lines.
General Service I
General Service II
Industrial Service
Service charge
First 20KW of demand
No charge
No charge
Additional KW of demand
Lesser, $5,76/ KW or 2,880¢/ KWh
First 5 000kWh of demand
11,72¢/ KWh
11,72¢/ KWh
Other kWh
8,94¢/ KWh
Plus harmonized sales tax
Demand charge
$6,16/ KW
First 100 kWh per kW
11,90¢/ KWh
Other kWh
5,59¢/ KWh
Visit for current rates.
Fire protection at the Restigouche Industrial Park is provided by the Eel River Crossing Volunteer Fire Department, located nearby in the centre of the village. The department has a complement of 32 volunteer firefighters backed by two trucks/pumper and a rescue vehicle. Moreover, in an emergency, there is a service agreement with volunteer firefighters in municipalities of Balmoral, Charlo, Dalhousie and Belledune.
The Restigouche Industrial Park is located off Highway 11 at exit 388. Route 11 is one of the most important highways in north-eastern New Brunswick. The 430-kilometre long road runs from Shediac to the Quebec border near Campbellton at the Interprovincial Bridge, following the province's eastern and northern coastlines.
Charlo Airport(3 km)
Charlo Airport is located off Highway 11 at exit 385, three kilometres east of the Restigouche Industrial Park. The airport features a 1,800 meter (6000 foot) all weather runway capable of accommodating flights ranging from small general aviation aircraft to corporate and midsized jets.
Bathurst Regional Airport(80 km)
Bathurst Airport is open year round and its paved runway measures 1371. 5 meters long by 30.5 meters wide. The main airline provider is Air Canada Jazz which offers daily flights to and from Montreal, Quebec.
Greater Moncton International Airport (281 km)
The Greater Moncton International Airport (GMIA) has the only fully serviced 24 hour tower in New Brunswick; as well has 2 runways, one of which is 1875 meters long and the other at 2438 meters long.   GMIA provides user-friendly connections around the world and offers over 100 weekly direct flights serving all major commercial centers in Canada.
Port of Dalhousie(6 km)
The Port of Dalhousie includes two facilities; the East Wharf (length 340 meters, depth 9.1 meters) and the West Wharf (length 335 meters, depth 10.3 meters) as well as a 106,000 ft2 warehouse facility. The port offers services such as stevedoring, minor repairs, supplies, freshwater and other services.
Dockside rail is available.
Port of Belledune(47 km)
The port of Belledune includes 3 facilities:
  • Terminal I (length 155 meters, depth 10,4 meters and width 15 meters)
  • Teminal II (length 307 meters, depth 14,4 meters, width 28 meters) .
  • Terminal III consisting of a wharf (length 455 meters width 100 meters supporting two berths - (West) length, 200 meters depth alongside 9.9 meters (32.5 ft.) at chart datum; (East) length, 200 meters, depth alongside 11.5 meters (37.7 ft.) at chart.
 The port specializes in bulk commodities and general cargo.
Canadian National Railways
Individual tenants should contact Canadian National Rail (CN Rail) for rail services.

St. Joseph Community Health Centre
The St-Joseph community health center situated in Dalhousie serves the eastern portion of the county. The St. Joseph Community Health Centre walk-in clinic is open 12 hours per day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., 7 days a week to provide primary health care to the population.   The clinic is approximately eight kilometers from the Restigouche Industrial Park.
Campbellton Regional Hospital
The Campbellton Regional Hospital is a 166-bed acute care Regional hospital that opened in 1991. It offers all primary and secondary services to the residents of Restigouche County. The hospital provides a wide range of services, including emergency care, ambulatory care, and intensive care. The Campbellton Regional Hospital is approximately 26 kilometers from the Restigouche Industrial Park.
Jacquet River Health Center
The Center is an extension of the outpatient and an ambulatory care service offered by St. Joseph Community Health Centre and is also a medical clinic for established physicians.