Joan`s Paint Center

Name of Enterprise: Joan`s Paint Center

Services offered:   Hardware

Owner:      Aurèle Aubé

Number of employees:  3

Historic: Property of Aurèle Aubé, inherited  from  his parents Gilbert and Joan Aubé in January 2001.

This business was started in the 70`s, will Mrs. Aubé was looking for work. Her and her husband decided to go ahead and make plans to  open a business right beside there home.



Having a good reception and support from the community, the owners had to consider enlarging and renovating the store to better serve there customers.

       "Little by little, we made changes. The 2nd story was converted to storage and an extension was added to the store. The business began as a paint dealer, but, bit by bit, we added tools, harware supplies and then hunting and fishing accessories.

In 2001, a major extension was added to the store. We now see, the same reliable service with a new facade.